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my cancer story

Breast cancer – sharing my story for my own therapy and to help others.

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  • about martha

    I am an expert in supporting others to achieve optimal health. As Director of both Martha English and a well-established physiotherapy clinic in Kent called Physiologic Hythe, I have made my mark in the word of health and wellbeing, helping others to reach their ultimate health, happiness and freedom goals.

    I can work with your personal health, wellbeing and fitness of the mind, body and soul to create possibilities that will transform you beyond your wildest dreams.

    I will share the tools that I have learned to help you reduce stress and improve your emotional outlook so that you can feel vibrant, have more energy, sleep better and experience a new lease of life.

    Why not book me for a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation? It could be your first step towards optimum health and wellbeing.

  • I arranged for Martha to see my 10 year old son who had been suffering from unexplained headaches, tiredness, stomach ache, feeling dizzy and sickness. His GP had prescribed medicine but I wanted to explore a different treatment path. Martha assessed my son both physically and emotionally, talking with him at the same time as providing healing treatment. He described feelings of tingling during the healing and felt lighter and positive afterwards. He woke with energy the following morning and has done so for most mornings since. More importantly, he has suffered from no headaches at all since. We also have a good understanding of what vitamins he is lacking and which foods will help him. Thank you so much, Martha, I have no hesitation in referring you to others.


    I started talking with Martha about complementary support for fertility when I felt it was taking longer than I would have hoped to conceive for the second time. Having a very demanding job and an even more demanding toddler was taking its toll and I had little time to relax and focus. The sessions with Martha were comfortable, open and positive. I felt able to speak honestly and that this then helped Martha with the support given. The acupuncture allowed my mind to be still and my body let go for that short period. I fell pregnant around 6 months after first seeing Martha. Martha is a wonderful therapist
    and a practitioner I would highly recommend.


    Martha, something about your energy
    really made me open up my heart more than ever before.
    When I talk you really listen. Giving me your full attention has allowed you to get deep into my core. This is a rare gift. I thank you for your healing. Namaste.


    I would recommend Martha to anyone looking to bring balance to your life and to those that want tools to create this balance. Before the program, my biggest frustration was my weight gain. I had tried what feels like almost everything before from the latest greatest fad diet to psychotherapy. I enjoyed most the discovery and the tools I learned to keep me on track. Today, I feel my past is my past and I live here in the present.


    I have been a believer and follower of complementary and alternative therapies for the past 30 years and have had treatments from many therapists for a variety of ailments. My first session with Martha was unlike anything I had previously encountered. She appeared to ‘sense’ and ‘feel’ emotions and past experiences in my life that were having an ongoing impact on my body. Martha led me through areas that needed to be addressed and as days went by I found that I genuinely was able to examine, reassess and often resolve mental and physical aspects that had been – sometimes unknowingly – causing me difficulties. I don’t understand how Martha can ‘read’ my internal misalignments but I know that after a session with her I definitely feel the result and confidently anticipate our next meeting. I have recommended Martha to members of my family and friends as I believe that she has a unique gift.


    Martha carried out a body scan on me where she explained what she could see where trauma and conflict were holding me back. She said that the cancer cells were there but they would be okay and that the emotional trauma surrounding these cells was due to the contact I had with some of the people in my life. I felt reassured, it was surreal, but Martha was able to explain further and the calmness and confidence helped me move forward with my treatment plan. I always recommend Martha to anyone who is stuck, or has emotional trauma or just needs a full on body treatment, to help heal.


    Thank you. I had a couple of treatments with the lovely Martha for a problem that had been going on for sometime. There was a huge difference even after the first session and the second also. Cannot recommend highly enough. Wonderful lovely people.


    I had a 12 week programme with the wonderful Martha. Martha used various methods for healing and self discovery, which was all rather magical. Her 12 week one to one course is bespoke to each individual needs. I have also attended several workshops at physiologic which have been very enlightening. There are many different kinds of therapists offering many types of healing.
    The staff are friendly and helpful.
    The location is a lovely setting right next to the beach. Bliss.


    I first went to see Martha at physiologic about 3 years ago whilst experiencing family problems that was making me very anxious and upset, after explaining how I felt, she did some healing which was very intense, and released the hurt from the past concerning my daughter. I left there feeling much lighter and I felt a very strong shift which enabled me to come to terms with my feelings and move on in a much more positive way. I’ve seen her a few times since, and have benefited greatly from the sessions. Martha is a lovely, caring and calm person and when you meet her you can feel her energy. Highly recommend this lovely place and especially Martha. Thank you


    Martha has been paramount to my recovery.
    I have seen Martha for a number of different issues over the past 5 years from cancer scare to migraines, back ache and grief. Her approach is unique, her empathy is real, and her care is 100% on point. Her help has been paramount to my recovery each time. I highly recommend her.


    I have been to many different healers and have experienced a variety of different modes of healing, but I can honestly say that Martha’s work is by far the most authentic and powerful that I have ever received. After just one session, I feel an overwhelming sense of relief with the positive shift that I have experienced. From an emotional response that has, at times, been debilitating, I have been able to experience a sense of calm and freedom that I did not think was possible. All I can really say is thank you.


    When I first spoke with Martha I noticed what a lovely energy she has and calming presence and so when I started to notice that my energy levels were running low and not picking back up as they normally would, I contacted Martha. I knew I needed to try something different and to help ensure that I would not be running on empty! That something different was Martha’s energy healing. Martha has helped me feel re-energised, and with a replenishing positive energy. I was curious how Martha would manage this via a video call, however she did and in a relaxing, supportive and re-assuring manner.
    I think that Martha’s energy healing will be something that I do regularly to help me feel at my best!


    Fantastic, highly recommended. Having tried seeing a sports therapist on a monthly basis for neck, shoulder and back pain I decided that I needed to try something different so went to see Martha at Physiologic. I was always slightly skeptical about healing before seeing Martha but she has completely changed my outlook on this. She is absolutely fantastic and I am now pain free and would highly recommend her services.


    A calm and caring approach to healing….
    I cannot rate the work Martha does highly enough; she helped me deal with recurring migraines and more recently with anxiety and depression. Her calm, caring and non-judgemental approach is just the start of the healing process, and you soon realise you are in very capable hands.


    I cannot rate Martha highly enough. During lockdown she helped me and my 3 year old with a calmer bedtime and better nights sleep by doing reiki from afar. My daughter slept longer and more peacefully with no night terrors or waking.


    Today I feel better than I ever have and I believe working with Martha has helped me get to this beautiful place in my life. I would highly recommend her services. I came to Martha feeling disconnected from myself (although at the time I would not have described it this way). My focus at the time was to lose weight. After doing a bespoke program with Martha, I am much more connected and have a better sense of self. I have learned my ‘weight issue’ was more a ‘connection issue’. I needed to reach deep within myself to know what I needed and wanted, and this what working with Martha did for me.


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