WHY so many WHYS? Let’s find a better balance!

Cannaboid_Martha English

The main reason that I’m writing this article is that sometimes working within the tight restraints of the UK just frustrate me so much and upon returning from a recent trip to Melbourne I can see that we could work so differently to achieve better outcomes for patients in the UK. Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine and even the ‘unknown’ CAN be combined and medical doctors CAN work in harmony giving a balanced treatment plan that will give better results, faster for each person that we work with.

In addition to my work here with Martha English, I run a very busy clinic in the South of England, and I meet lots of people from all walks of life on a day to day basis. They often have one thing in common – they all have their OWN story and all have their OWN health challenges.

Each person is a unique being and from my experience requires a bespoke health programme to help them achieve their own health goals. They need to work through and agree a programme with their practitioner to get the best results for them.

My work at Martha English involves devising the best programme for my clients and the same is true of my clinic in Hythe. We work with our expert practitioners to move forward together.
My recent experience in Melbourne working with a client with stage 4 cancer was so positive I just felt I needed to share it with you. I met with an oncologist in a hospital in Melbourne. He was there to check blood results and to prescribe the best amount of chemotherapy to my client. He was extremely positive that the chemotherapy was doing its job and the blood was showing that the chemotherapy had a grip of the cancer.

The interesting part of the story is that my client was ALSO going to an alternative clinic where she would receive vitamin C to counteract the toxins from the chemotherapy. This would strengthen her immune system providing her body with an improved chance to heal.

The oncologist works closely with the alternative clinic and was very happy that she was going to have this extra boost to help her body. He KNEW about the treatments and both he and the alternative clinic worked collectively for the best outcome for the patient.

My client also discussed with the oncologist that she was taking cannabis to control her pain. The oncologist was very pleased that she had taken responsibility to manage her pain as this was always difficult with people presenting large tumours and was expensive to the health service.

My initial reaction, if I’m honest, was that I was surprised that she was taking cannabis. Traditionally, certainly in the UK and mainstream media, cannabis is still portrayed as a bit ‘shady’. But then I started to ask myself WHY?

I watched my client and friend crying and screaming in pain and then I watched as she took cannabis and within 15 minutes, she was pain free. Her anxiety had passed, her body began to relax, she started to breathe again and then she was able to sleep. This is the state in which the human body will be best placed to heal itself. I could instantly see the advantageous benefits to using this plant. Why on earth is it taking so long for clinical trials on cannabis to be completed so that we can start to get some of these products into mainstream treatment?

I just have so many WHY questions. WHY don’t we integrate medicine and all work together to help each person get back to good health? WHY are we not doing clinical trials on the use of medical cannabis or any other plants that could help us and may have helped the human race over many thousands of years of evolution?

When you consider the highest killer in the USA is pharmaceutical drugs, WHY are we not looking at nature to help us? WHY can’t we mix new technology with traditional proven methods?
What I do know for sure is that if you, or someone you love, is presented with a life changing event or illness you will be more than happy to try anything that you can to survive. Let’s start demanding some answers to all the WHYs and work collectively to increase our knowledge so that we can offer the BEST treatment programmes for those desperately seeking more holistic, rounded, effective, treatment solutions.

Please feel free to get in touch to talk about your own circumstances. I can help you manage your pain in a stress-free environment. If you would like to book a 15-minute telephone consultation, please head to my Book ME page. I look forward to hearing from you!