COVID-19: Care in a crisis

Covid-19: Care in a crisis

COVID-19 has appeared out of nowhere. And, like the shock of a trauma, it has affected us all. I work with individuals and groups who have unexplained or undiagnosed illnesses such as chronic fatigue, pain and autoimmune disease symptoms. I support them to identify their mystery illness so they can recover and become pain-free; I help them to gain more energy, have more vitality and live life to the full. My clients have undoubtedly suffered an unexpected shock of trauma in their past; it was a shock that they felt they couldn’t control. Sound familiar?

The enormity of the Coronavirus is too much to take in. As humans, we are trying to find ways to control it, to keep safe and stay positive. Recognising that this is a temporary situation is a help for some, but as the virus reaches its peak and takes the lives of those we love and care for, we need to ‘batten down the hatches’ and remind ourselves that common sense and calm will prevail.

To get through this tough time, I have put a list together of my 7 top tips to help transform your thoughts, emotions and body. These simple steps should help you to get your ‘mojo’ back so you can have more energy and start loving life again.

  1. Breathe!
    If the worst happens and we cannot get outside our homes, then the next best thing would be to open all your windows to bring the fresh air in. Close your eyes and breath deeply. As you breathe out, hold the breath out then let your body naturally start to breathe again. Feel the cycle of your breath slow and you will start to feel calm. If you are unwell, diffuse an essential oil such as Doterra Air to ease your airways.
  2. Ground yourself
    Close your eyes and find a quiet comfortable place (preferably on the ground). If you can’t go outside, then find space where you can. Imagine that each time you breathe in, the sun fills your body with positive energy. Imagine that you have a tube running down your spine. It runs through your body, into the ground and further to the centre of the Earth. Anchor it there. As you breathe out, you can release your negative thoughts and feelings into the centre of the Earth, and it will stay there. In this way, you are breathing in the positive and exhaling the negative. Your feet will feel heavy on the surface of the ground. Imagine that you have magnets on the soles of your feet where you are connected to the Earth. Remain still and calm. Fell this neutral place, it is a place of peace. Repeat this exercise every time you start to feel fearsome. Here is a link to a music video to help with your meditation.
  3. Tame your chimps
    I would say that almost everyone living on this planet at this chaotic time will hear chimp chatter going on in their head day in, day out. If this is you, then maybe it is time to take charge of your chimps and get them to work for you and not against you. Did you know that they are your personal PA system and are here to help? Like any good PA, they need clear instructions to perform at their best. If they don’t have clear instructions, they can run amok, making you feel tired and overwhelmed. So, when you get up in the morning, write two lists:

    1. LIST 1: Things I must do today
      Explain to your chimps what must be done today, for example, work, clean the house, buy bread…They will prompt you instinctively when you need to do something. Imagine handing the list over to your PA and in doing so, there is nothing more you need to do or worry about.
    2. LIST 2: Things that give me pure joy and make me happy
      You hear a lot about self-care and how important it is to look after yourself, but how many of us do this, every day? Well, you should! Have a bath, read a book, swim in the sea…do whatever it is that ‘floats your boat’ because this is what will make you feel alive! Think creatively, ‘outside-the-box’ and consider smells, colour, sound, taste, texture, temperature and shape. When you consider all your senses, you will start to feel human again. So, do it! Take an hour out of each day to make time for yourself. Then, make it a habit…and start to encourage the rest of the family to do this too.
  4. Exercise
    Since most of us have easy access to the internet, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to looking at programs to move our body. So, browse a few options and decide. Will it be a gentle stretch and dance around the kitchen or a full-on workout in front of the TV? Try to do this every day.
  5. Rest
    As we all go into isolation or social distancing let us take this as an opportunity to slow down and rest. Switch off social media and the news at least one hour before you go to bed to mentally relax and wind down. Why not look to meditation to help you to sleep? Here is another video to help you do just that:
  6. Boost your immune system
    Eat sensibly…we all know what is good for us! Don’t overindulge. When you prepare your food, look at your plate and make sure you have a good balance of protein, carbs and vegetables. And if you are not feeling well, you can’t beat a homemade chicken soup. Here is some helpful health advice for when you need an extra boost:
  1. Heal
    Why not let me help you? I have an online, distant reiki session every day at 7pm. I gather with my healing friends and we send healing to all of those who ask. And it is free! Just add your name to my Facebook page. Find me here:

Good luck and stay safe! Namaste.